Be sure to read the HVAC warranty

I’m often just about to do something that is actually stupid when my wife shows me just how stupid I’m being.

I’ve got a real blind spot when it comes to what I think I can do and what is obviously way out of my league.

Sometimes, I think that maybe I’d be better off just sitting in the air conditioning watching TV. Seems like whenever I try to do something around the house, I either have no idea what I’m doing or I break stuff. That’s just sort of the way it goes. Still, I’m always drawn to stuff that needs to be fixed. I hate spending money on replacing stuff if I can fix it. And even worse, I don’t want to pay someone else for something I could do myself. But when it comes to HVAC equipment, that should really be left up to the HVAC professionals. I think I knew this on some level even before I thought I could fix the air conditioning. So when I came home to find the heat pump running but no HVAC cooling, it seemed like there should be an easy fix. I got online to diagnose what was happening and figure out the fix. Then I watched several video before loading some to my tablet to take with me outside. I was just sure that a refrigerant recharge was all that was needed. As I was taking off the cover of the HVAC cabinet outside, I heard my wife walk up behind me. She just started reading the part of the HVAC warranty that indicated that I was about to void the HVAC warranty if I didn’t call the HVAC professionals.


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