I did not want a smart thermostat

Everybody in our family has gotten a smart thermostat, I am the only one that still has our traditional dials thermostat. My family thinks it’s weird. I find that annoying that our family can be so judgmental over something as stupid as a thermostat. Why does it matter what kind of heating and cooling technology I use as long as it makes myself and others thrilled and works? The dial thermostat I have works perfectly nice to control our heating and cooling system. I have not had a single issue with our dial thermostat and I just think that if it isn’tbroken why should I repair it? If they want to have a smart thermostat that has nice but they should leave myself and others alone. The main reason I am against having a smart thermostat is just because it’s too much high-tech technology for me. I am a simple person, I like simple things. A smart thermostat is just too fancy for me. I don’t need a fancy programmable thermostat, I don’t need something that can run on the Wi-Fi, and I don’t need something that I can control from a smartphone. Here’s a shocking fact: I don’t even have a smartphone, and it’s not because I cannot afford one, it’s by choice. I have a dumb phone. A basic flip phone that I used to communicate with people is how I like it and so this is how it will stay.


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