Before selecting a hotel room, do you read the reviews?

It is my preference to read hotel reviews when researching hotel rooms since these are the ones I use to determine whether a hotel is worth staying at or not.

It is not uncommon for clients to complain about a hotel not offering free dinners, while others may complain about something in the room, such as the shower or the size of the room.

I ignored them since those reviews would not alter my decision to stay at a hotel. My research on a hotel led me to a two-star review, which I considered to be a low rating considering most of the other clients rated this hotel four or higher. After reading this review, I completely understood why the customer gave the hotel such a low rating. Aside from staying at the Wintertide, the first hotel room they evaluated did not have a heating system. The control unit was not connected to the air conditioning system! Eventually, they were transferred to another room, but there were similar problems there as well. Besides the lack of heat, this family had young children, so heating was essential for staying warm at night. In response to the complaint, the hotel’s management accepted responsibility for allowing the room condition to deteriorate. According to the management, the review would be used as part of their training for their service technicians. All control units should provide both heating and cooling. Despite the low rating and obvious concerns, this is a cause for concern. I booked this hotel because of heating and cooling complications that are at times unforeseen. I would not be deterred from booking a hotel stay if something like that were to occur.

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