Do you read the ratings before selecting a hotel room?

When researching hotel rooms, I love reading the bad reviews because those are the reviews that I use to determine if the hotel is worth the stay.

Some customers will complain about a hotel not offering free breakfasts, while others will complain about something in the room.

Perhaps the shower, or even how small the space is. Those reviews I overlook because they wouldn’t change my mind about staying at a hotel. While researching a hotel, I came across a 2-star review and that was a low rating considering that most of the other customers rated this hotel 4 or above. Of course, I read this review and I completely understood why the customer rated the hotel so harshly. They stayed during the Winter and the first hotel room they checked into had no heat available. In fact, the customer mentioned that the thermostat wasn’t connected to the A/C system. Eventually, they were switched to a new room, but it had a similar issue. The heat was not working and this family had small children so having heating was important to stay warm during the night. Anyway, the management of the hotel responded back to the comment and took responsibility for dropping the ball on the condition of the rooms. In fact, the management mentioned that it would use that review as part of their training for their maintenance crew. All thermostats should be checked to make sure that they are providing both heating and cooling. Though this rating was low and obviously a concern. I booked this hotel because heating and cooling issues are at times unforeseen. Something like that wouldn’t deter me from booking a stay at a hotel.


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