Some soft spots on the roof needed attention

My spouse as well as I have numerous little ones as well as our youngest daughter is 17 years old.

She is still a senior in private school, although she has had a full-time girlfriend for the last 2 years.

Not long ago, my spouse as well as I found out that she is going to have a baby. We were easily distraught at first, but we realized that we needed to get on board with a new plan, however my spouse as well as I wanted the kids to have a place to raise the baby, so we looked for a property that we could purchase for them. They could make payments to us instead of the bank, but if there was a concern from time to time with paying the rent, after that we didn’t have to fret about the kids getting kicked out of their household. My spouse as well as I looked at numerous places, however one trailer was in fantastic shape, but the roof was soft in numerous spots. Inside of the trailer there were no evident issues at all as well as it looked basically like the previous owner was trying to make some much needed replacements. My spouse as well as I made the choice to buy this unique place for the kids. We put the trailer on an acre of property that we purchased two streets down from our own place. We contacted a roofing business to install a brand new roof on the entire place. The kids will not have to agonize about the roof at all for the next 20 years, and by the time the trailer needs a new roof, their children will be adults.

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