When you walk in, please take your shoes off.

Last month, I had new carpeting installed in the living room and bedrooms.

The living room carpet is a pale grey I hoped wouldn’t show footprints. Unfortunately, the footprints were more noticeable, and every time someone walked on the carpet, even with bare feet, they left an impression. I suddenly realized why I had never had deep pile carpeting in my home. It was horrible to maintain. When the HVAC technician was scheduled to come to the house to do maintenance on my furnace, I planned on having him come to the kitchen door. On the day the HVAC technician was to arrive, my husband had taken the back porch off and was building a new one. I had to let the HVAC technician in through the living room. I put a note on the door that asked if, when you walk in, please take your shoes off. The HVAC technician did me one better. He put anti-static booties on over his shoes and gingerly made his way through the living room. He left less footprint and no dirt behind. I was sure the same wouldn’t happen went he exited the furnace room, but I was wrong. The HVAC technician took off the used booties and put them in his bag for disposal items. He put fresh booties on before leaving my kitchen, and the work order on the table. I told my husband, after the HVAC technician left, that if we ever needed actual work done on the HVAC system, I was going to ask for him to be the one who did the work.


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