I love my fireplace

I personally don’t think it’s weird that I didn’t have a working air conditioner for the last few years.

All of my friends did, of course.

When they saw my log cabin, sitting on the edge of a beautiful lake, they were impressed. Once they went inside and felt how warm and stuffy it got, they never wanted to come back. I didn’t get offended, because I understood that all of my friends are spoiled brats that cannot handle a few hours without climate control. Most people have become dependent on air conditioning, and they feel quite uncomfortable when they have to go without it. They would ask “how can you live without A/C?” And I would explain that I just opened the windows to let in some natural ventilation to cool the place down. My only concern was not with cooling, but with heating. The winters around here can get bitterly cold, and snowstorms will frequently knock out the power lines. Although life can be a little stifling and uncomfortable without A/C, a lack of heating can be lethal in the cold months. Thankfully my cabin has a fireplace made of brick and stone. I keep several weeks worth of firewood in the drying rack next to the fireplace, which means I don’t need electricity to keep myself warm. During the winter my cabin and my fireplace are both very popular with my friends. Once the summer starts they don’t come over as often, preferring to stay in the comfort of the air conditioning they have in their homes.

a/c tune up