The air quality affects my cannabis plants

The house came with a huge basement, which is area of the reason I picked it.

I grew up way down south, where the water table is too high for any condo to have a basement, up north things are different, plus I loved the plan of having a full sized room, beneath the house.

This would be the best possible locale to grow cannabis plants, because they would be completely hidden from the outside world. I didn’t need natural sunlight, I had unit for that. What I needed was a nice temperature controlled room to focus my growing operation. The house is heated by a furnace that is over thirty years old. It still generates heating plus ever, but its age plus antiquity make it far less efficient than a current heater. This was also something that could toil to my advantage, because the furnace generated a lot of humidity. The furnace was also the tepid water heater, which put excess levels of moisture into the air of the basement. Since my pot plants needed a wonderful source of ambient moisture, this would be a wonderful way to kill several birds with a single stone. The only potential problem will come while I was in the dog afternoons of summer, when I won’t be able to run the furnace, which will lower the humidity levels. I guess I can find a nice humidifier to run while I was in the Summer months plus keep my plants healthy. It will take some degree of trial plus error to find the perfect air quality plus humidity levels for my growing operation.
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