Uninstalling the old furnace in the library

Is it just me, or do most people find libraries colder than the rest of the places? Books can transport you to any part of the world; for me, a good book beats any movie.

There are certain places I have traveled to simply by reading about them, and when I got a job as a librarian for a public library, it allowed me to roam the world through books.

The other thing I had to do in my first week on the job was to supervise a heat pump installation. I had to search for an HVAC company online and call them because I could not find any records on the previous heating business contracted to do the HVAC maintenance on the old furnace. The library management had decided to upgrade to new HVAC equipment. The decision to change to different HVAC systems prompted the unit’s need for constant furnace/heater repair. It also worked to my advantage because I couldn’t imagine being the one to replace the furnace filter on the creepy old unit. Even with all the energy-saving tips implemented, the energy bill was at an all-time high. The HVAC technician said they would get to work in a week, and by the end of the week, the work began. The system was up and running in no time. We experienced quality heating that the library had not had in a long time. On my first day on the job, I researched more about heating because it was too cold for comfort. The new device did a lot to help with indoor comfort. I also scheduled a mandatory heat pump service with the HVAC repairman to have the unit running smoothly throughout the year.