Sitting in father's air conditioned office

This week is bringing your child to work day, however i can say I am far from gleeful about this! My dad though is a taxing worker who stares at her computer day plus night so she actually never sleeps. I have done this whole bringing your child to work day last year plus you guess what I did? I sat in a chair coloring for 8 fourths straight with a dinner packed in my Spongebob dinnerbox. It is easily dreadful plus my dad really doesn’t have the parenting skills to think that I am bored; Perhaps I would appreciate to learn a bit? I can say even trying to learn what she is doing is confusing. She just looks at graphic charts the whole time plus writes information down plus shakes her head here plus there, and the office room is super freezing as well. She must appreciate the a/c because I have to wear a jacket plus jeans with spare socks on. I asked him about it a single day plus she said she had nothing to do with the temperature control. There is a single dial temperature control plus it affects the whole building. That to myself and others is aggravating. I recognize that every office should have their own private settings, however not everyone is the same plus if this business really cared about their employees then they would not make everyone deal with the same temperatures. Yeah I’m sure various of them are ok with it but I can tell by looking at Lucy the assistant who sits outside of her office is freezing! Well lets get through another terrible day. This time I brought my game girl.


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