I forgot to have the AC serviced

Last week my AC system broke down and I couldn’t figure out why it was not working like it was supposed to.

I went over to the thermostat and tried everything and it wouldn’t come on. I found this to be really strange but I knew it should be working because I had had my air conditioning system serviced before the summer heat came so I knew it couldn’t be a summer heat that was causing it to break down. My husband heard me mumbling this to myself and that’s when he told me that I never had it at AC system service. I asked him what he was talking about, and insisted that I had it serviced last week. He told me I was getting an air conditioning system in the heating system mixed up, he reminded me that he had the heating system serviced last week but I had never had the AC system serviced yet. Then I realized at that moment why my air conditioning system was broken down. I accidentally serviced my heater for the summer instead of the air conditioning system! Now I would have to go and call the heating and cooling company and have them come out here to service my air conditioning system so that I can get some cool in my home again otherwise I’m going to be stuck burning up in this heat. I’m going to go and try to get an appointment right away.

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