I had a good day now that the furnace was working.

The entire past week was one of the worst of my life.

It started out with a fight with my husband and escalated to my walking out. When I came back, he wasn’t angry anymore, but he was upset that I had left. I apologized and told him I was sorry. He gave me a hug, but he was still distant. That night, he got closer and closer, and I thought it was because he missed, but it was because it was cold in the house. Somewhere between getting home and midnight, the furnace had broken. It was Friday, and we didn’t want to pay an after hours price, so we waited until Monday to call the HVAC company. The HVAC company said they had nothing for two days. On Wednesday, I finally got the call that the HVAC technician was going to be here the next morning. It was in the forties, so we hadn’t worried about frozen pipes, but it was freezing in our house. When I told my husband the HVAC tech would be here in the morning, he gave me the first real smile I had seen in almost a week. Once the HVAC technician showed up, it took him about an hour to repair the furnace, and I was finally getting heat in the house. After a horrible week, I was finally having a good day, and all it took was having the furnace running again. Maybe a little of it was also when my husband smiled at me and said he loved me. It was also almost a week ago since that happened.


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