I can spruce it all except for the Heating & A/C system

The housing market has been monstrous, but i wonder how the Founding Fathers would assume about the cost of buying a house being so outrageous? Normal working class people can no longer afford to buy a adequate home, and it’s a tragedy.

I managed to skirt the plan by looking at rural properties that I could renovate and upgrade, then most people don’t have the handyman skills I possess.

I knew I could take a lump of coal and turn it into a diamond with a few weeks of difficult work… The 1 section where I am clueless is with Heating & A/C systems, because they are far too advanced for myself and others to figure out. Thanks to my skills with renovation I was able to buy a giant piece of property with a ramshackle house on it for entirely little money. After that I could do all the labor myself except for installing a new Heating & A/C system. The arena was also going to need HVAC duct installed, because it was outdated enough that it had no HVAC ducts in the walls. The HVAC duct that had been affixed to the walls and the ceiling was rusted, broken, and falling apart. I was worried about even removing the outdated HVAC duct myself, because so much of it was jagged and sharp. I called a local Heating & A/C contractor for the whole task – removing the outdated metal and replacing it with new ducts inside the walls. Once the ducts are installed and the new Heating & A/C plan is in arena, the rest of the renovations will be a snap. Wish myself and others luck.
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