My home felt awful without a working AC

My employer had a conference recently.

I ended up flying several states over to a major neighborhood that hosts this conference.

This is a yearly event, however it was a honestly welcome relief this time around. My cabin has been without an air conditioner for 10 days. I’m hoping I will manage to spend whatever service fees are required to get it back up and running when I return from this conference. In the meantime, I will finally be able to appreciate some particularly fantastic a/c within my hotel room. I had spent 10 days in my cabin quite covered in sweat and uncomfortable with the air conditioner completely off. I tried to use fans for relief, but of course, it’s not quite the same as having an air conditioner blowing sweet cool air. That’s why I was so glad to discover that my hotel room’s air conditioner made the room delightfully comfortable. Another fantastic thing is that I’m the only one among my co-workers that managed to get a room for myself. There was some sort of mix up with the booking of rooms that allowed for this, and I could not be happier. I do not know what the temperature preferences of our coworkers are, however I’m so thrilled that I’d not have to deal with any other opinion than our own when it came to what to set the thermostat to. I decided to drop the temperature to a breezy 67° that night, and I slept like an absolute rock.



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