Pay my mind to thermostat setting this season

At this point, I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that the heat & humidity will be here in just a matter of weeks.

I’m not sure about whether or not I believe the Almanac but we’re supposed to be in for an even hotter, drier Summer this year.

Thankfully, this only lasts through November. Toward the end of that month, I notice the heat pump demand for air conditioning is changing. This is also the beginning of the best 8 months of weather, yet, to get to that beginning, I have to deal with this beginning as Summer is just about here. The air conditioning has been on some here & there. But it’s still nothing like August & October. I’ve already had the Heating & A/C service done to the heat pump, however so that part of the plan is fantastic to go. I’ve also sealed up the condo in order to further maximize the heat pump’s efficiency; Just last week, I started getting in the habit of pulling the blinds before I head off to the commercial Heating & A/C of the office each day. That’s a practice that saves a lot on cooling costs by stopping the direct sunshine heating. But really, if you don’t pay close attention to the thermostat setting, all the other cost saving steps are rendered pretty moot! Having a smart thermostat would be awesome. But until I get that Heating & A/C unit update, I’ll stick to programming the digital thermostat & keeping my eye constantly on the setting! From here on out, it’s Summer mode in this condo & that means all efforts are toward saving on air conditioning costs.

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