We had never seen such a large window AC unit

It’s good to have a hobby that has nothing to do with your work! My friend & I are Heating & A/C servicemans, & we cherish what we do, and to be honest, the Heating & A/C industry has come a long way, & we are grateful to have a source of income.

This has led to us having families, & making sure they have all that they need, and our tasks entail laboring on commercial & residential Heating & A/C systems.

My good friend and I both have 5 years experience each in installation, repair & service, then however, when we clock out, we like to go exploring & check out abandoned sites, but in our area, there’s vast forest land, & so do the neighboring states. That means we always have a modern locale each month to go explore. My good friend and I started checking out abandoned sites when we were in university; A group of us decided to go hiking in a modern part while in the weekend, & came across an abandoned mansion. It looked like no one had lived there in decades, so we scaled the walls, & got inside. The large items were still there, however there’s also a lot that was missing. My good friend and I spent hours exploring & trying to imagine the life of its former occupants, but later that year, my friend & I went to another abandoned locale to explore, & that’s how the hobby started. My good friend and I recall this one condo we made the choice to go to where we came across the largest window AC unit. It was such a sight, & we made sure to snap lots of pics so we could do more research on it.


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