Air conditioner helps with the sickness

Two mornings ago, I woke up with a 101 degree fever after getting sick with some kind of bug.

  • Two days ago, while out for a walk with a friend, I felt the beginnings of illness, starting with a scratchy throat and progressing to a sinus infection.

Though I have no one to blame but myself, as I exhausted myself playing volleyball over the weekend. My coworker and I interact with many people who may be carrying germs, but if our immune systems are healthy, our bodies will quickly and effectively eliminate any threats. Since exhaustion and overheating from a game of ball can compromise your immune system and cause it to cool down and stop working as hard, I plan on staying in for the next few mornings to write these articles and rest extensively, much like I did last night when I slept for nearly 13 hours. I also intend to turn on my portable air con system in my family room and go to bed early again, as I did the night before. My body needs all the rest it can get to supply it with energy to argue this thing, so I went to bed at 9 last night and didn’t get out of bed until 10 this morning. I plan to work on my HVAC system all afternoon, with a few short breaks in between, and finish up before I go to sleep tonight. Regretfully, I had to tell my amazing friend that she needed to find another place to stay the night before she was scheduled to arrive here yesterday.

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