Looking into different smart thermostat options

My current thermostat was already installed when my husband and I bought our house over twenty years ago.

  • It was not new when our family moved in.

While we’ve made a lot of improvements to the property, we never considered replacing the thermostat. We’ve installed a new roof, new windows and completely new kitchen. We’ve added insulation into the attic and updated the water heater and our electrical panel. It wasn’t until an HVAC technician was handling the maintenance of the furnace and suggested a new thermostat that I started researching. Our thermostat is a basic plastic dial that requires manual adjustment. I don’t believe it’s overly accurate but it does manage to start up and shut down the heating and cooling systems. I am totally amazed by today’s generation of thermostats. Modern models offer touchscreens and wireless connectivity. It’s possible to raise or lower temperature settings, change programs, operate air quality accessories and access information through an app on the smartphone. These sophisticated thermostats will respond to voice commands, learn the family’s preferences and light up when someone approaches. There are thermostats that track energy usage and offer tips for improvement. There are others that will alert an HVAC contractor if there’s a problem and allow remote diagnosis. Some versions include occupancy sensors and others take advantage of geofencing. After reading up on all of the leading models, I have no idea which one to choose. I’ve decided to wait until the HVAC technician returns to service the air conditioner and ask his opinion. I want to be sure I choose a thermostat that is compatible with my furnace and air conditioner.


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