My boyfriend gave some great energy saving tips

I am really proud of my boyfriend.

He is such a great person, and is always willing to help others.

I really chose a winner, if I do say so myself. For a while, he worked in the HVAC career field, but he doesn’t anymore. Despite not working as a cooling specialist anymore, he makes sure to give advice on heating and cooling technology and cooling equipment to anyone who needs it. He also gives great energy saving tips that have really helped our home save money and also stay cool. It is great dating someone who has knowledge of the HVAC industry. Recently he did something so incredibly kind. Our neighbor next door is an old lady, who doesn’t really understand modern technology, heating and cooling machines included. She complained to me about the issue she was having with her heater, and she wasn’t sure how to get it to warm her house again. I also don’t have much knowledge on heating and cooling, but I know my boyfriend does. So I told her I would ask my boyfriend and see what he would say. I figured that he would just give her advice like he usually does, but instead, he decided to go and repair her heating device, completely for free. I was shocked that he would do that, but also touched. I know the old lady was very grateful for his service, and the fact that she can enjoy a comfortable home with climate control again.