Please help me service my a/c.

My a/c component had been broken for less than an hour, as well as the apartment was already getting sizzling as well as humid.

I called the Heating & A/C supplier, however they had no one available until the following day.

I had a newborn baby girl, as well as I could not keep her in the apartment without any a/c. I looked out as well as realized there was an Heating & A/C professional at my neighbor’s house. I went over as well as knocked on her door, however she cooed over the baby as she was letting me in. I asked if I could talk to her Heating & A/C professional. She agreed if I would let her hold the baby. I walked outside as well as asked him if he could toil on my a/c. I told him I was a single mom with a newborn, however the Heating & A/C supplier said they had no one available to toil on my a/c. He told me he was stuck in the yard working on this one. He had two more houses to go to, as well as he could not just skip them. I was pleading with him to please help me as well as service my a/c unit. I knew he was uncomfortable, however it wasn’t safe for my daughter. He finally told me he would return as well as toil on the a/c unit, however it wouldn’t be until 6PM. I thanked him profusely, however I could not take my baby back to that house. I asked my acquaintance if my pal and I could stay here until the Heating & A/C professional came back. She told me to get everything I needed for the baby as well as then come back. She was babysitting until I returned.



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