Coming up with a permanent home office – what it takes

Sometimes life can make you happy.

  • Of course, like everyone else, I didn’t see the pandemic coming.

But it happened and I had to adjust just like the rest of the world. Almost instantaneously, the company I worked for closed the offices and we had to go home to figure out how to work remotely. That meant no more working from the zone controlled HVAC office I was used to. And that wasn’t all because I had to share my condo office with youngsters who didn’t want to study in the central air conditioning room of our house. As if that’s not enough, my spouse and I were both trying to share the office in our house but were struggling because of the uncommon styles of working. Ultimately, this led me to think of making a mancave in the basement. The first thing I had to do though was to get some good heating and cooling down there. The HVAC company was instrumental for this as they came out and helped install a ductless heat pump for me as part of the beginning. Over the first months of that summer, I started filling out that home office gradually. Working from the cabin worked for me. So when the company eventually laid people off, I was ready. For years I had planned to leave the company I worked for and go out on my own in a sort of free lance style. Some would call it being a consultant but I’m a bit more services oriented than just that. Still, I knew that I would have to begin from the cabin office with maybe a few friends. So the pandemic sort of gave me a head-start on what has become a rather successful business for me. Besides the success, I’m just so fulfilled working for myself and having to finally follow my passions.


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