HVAC Maintenance Nightmare

I have always enjoyed interior design.

Decorative pillows, throws and dishware have always intrigued me.

I love that you can change the look of a room with a quick interior update. I recently purchased a lovely white armchair for my living room. I found it at an antique shop for a fair price and decided to purchase it that day. I was so excited to get my new chair in the room and decorate with pillows and a throw blanket. The day after I got it set up in the living room, I noticed that the air conditioning was not functioning properly in the living room. Irritated, I contacted the local HVAC company and put in a request for a visit. I was not home when the HVAC technician got there, so I had my son let him in. He went to work in the attic, which happened to be directly above the living room. When I returned I noticed a dark stain on my brand new antique arm chair! The HVAC technician had accidentally spilled a dark substance in the attic and it was leaking onto the chair from the ceiling. He must have heard me yell because he came quickly out of the ceiling and down to the living room. Once he noticed he stain, he immediately apologized and offered to have the chair replaced I accepted his apology, but there was no replacement for this specific armchair. I told him that it was one of a kind, and he felt awful.


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