Replacing a portable cooling system with a strong window cooling system

I inherited a bunch of used furniture from my aunt’s estate after he passed away two years ago.

Since he lived in a fairly affluent area, his condo was just shy of decadent.

I was entirely shocked by some of the pieces that I was being gave when I arrived to look at it all. My entire family room now consists of items I got from my aunt’s estate when he passed—a couch, recliner, mahogany tea table, 55” 4k cable and stand, and cherish seat made out of suede. I was even gave a pool table and nearly cried when I determined that I couldn’t fit it in my condo no matter how taxing I tried. I went from room to room and measured in vain, only to realize that it was entirely too large to fit in my house. This is after years of wanting to play pool at condo because I don’t like having to visit a pool hall just to play one of my favorite games again. After my aunt’s estate finished giving me a brand current bed and desk for my dining room, they gave me a barely-used window cooling system as well. I was shocked because I would have been convinced that it was recently unboxed if they hadn’t told me otherwise. It’s an seriously strong window cooling system and I was able to put it in my basement to get rid of the inefficient portable cooling system that I was using down there previously. While I honestly don’t need a cooling system in the basement during the Autumn, winter, and Springtime, it honestly comes in handy during our hot and humid summers. Basements are notorious for high humidity, which is why so several people use dehumidifiers in these spaces if they’re not already using a/c like I am.


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