Collapsed air duct noises behind my wall

There’s nothing worse than when you hear a noise that your ears don’t like… Lately I have been coming household plus hearing a entirely odd noise.

It is usually right after I turn on my Heating plus A/C component in the house.

I have tried to follow the noise plus figure it out. I have been unable to figure it out on my own. So I had to call my local Heating plus A/C supplier because I thought it was coming from the Heating plus A/C system. That would explain why it would start as soon as I turned on the Heating plus A/C unit. When the Heating plus A/C professional came to my household he tested all of the parts within the Heating plus A/C system installed. He noticed that there was nothing wrong with the component itself. The real noise was coming from behind my walls. This meant that the noise was coming from the air ducts sitting behind my walls. The air ducts are what helps to transfer the air from the Heating plus A/C component to my house. It seemed as if there was a collapse air duct behind my wall. It must have been rubbing up against the wall or the other air ducts inside near it. So the Heating plus A/C professional would have to put a sizable hole in the wall to repair the collapsed air duct. I allowed him to do this but I was also going to need somebody to patch the hole plus repaint my wall. It was a sizable pain in my eyup. So if you can avoid having air docks installed into your household I would, however you would never want this to happen to you because it cost a lot of money plus time.

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