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Wonderful news for Fayetteville NC home owners this winter heating season! It’s forecasted that as a consequence of lower fuel costs, and warmer weather, that the expenses to heat ones property is going to be lower than it was the past 2 years. That is the news from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s recent Short-Term Energy Outlook.

A lot of parts of the U.S. ought to have warmer weather, between 8 to 13 % warmer according to NOAA. The only region which is predicted to have a chillier winter compared to a year ago is the West. It will be around 12 percent cooler, however the weather a year ago was warmer than normal, so it will be actually nothing to be alarmed about.

Heating Fuel Sources and Usage Predictions for the Winter of 2015Heating and Air Fayetteville Winter Forecast

The following four fuel forms are discussed in the order of the most used to the least used in the U.S. by homeowners.

Natural Gas
It is the main heating fuel for over one half of U.S. property owners. Together with a forecasted decrease in natural gas usage of 6% and a decrease of 4% in fuel prices, homeowners can anticipate to save around 10 %, or $64 on average over last year’s expenditures.

Houses heated with electricity will find the smallest savings, because homes use electricity presently for lots of other appliances and devices. It will probably be basically around 3 percent, or $30.

Heating Oil
With approximately 5 percent of property owners using heating oil, while it’s 22 percent of homeowners in the Northeast, they will notice around $460, or 25 percent savings.

Just about 4 % of residences are heated with propane, most being in the Midwest and Northeast where the winter temperatures are certainly cold. Midwest property owners are forecasted to spend $320, or 21 % less, and the Northeast $342, or 15 percent less.

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