Always keep the HVAC system maintained

It’s a great idea to keep your body maintained by doing exercise and eating mostly healthy foods.

The same goes for your heating plus A/C system, you should try to keep it clean and tested so that it can serve you well for a long time.

I don’t typically eat unhealthy foods, but I would say that 85% of my diet consists of healthy fruits and vegetables plus grains. I like to keep my heating plus A/C plan cleaned on an official basis so that it doesn’t lose its efficiency. I have a reminder on my tablet telling me when it is time to clean it and it has actually worked well because of that for many years. I know we can get another many years out of the central heating and cooling system before we need to update it. I have been putting some money aside each month so that when the time comes we won’t have to go on a rice plus beans diet to afford a new system. We live near the beach and the saly air does a number on the A/C compressors, rusting them within a year or several of getting them installed. We like to rinse the device with fresh water from the garden hose to help slow down the rusting but it eventually happens and needs to be updated. Our air handler is still the same one from a couple of heating and A/C units ago plus the local company told me it will need to be updated when we update the plan next time. I trust her judgment as she has been our neighbor for a long time.

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