Author: Paul B.

New residential HVAC sold our house

Okay, so in truth, I was resistant from the start when it came to selling our house. I just didn’t want to move and that’s the simple truth. I’m not much into change. I like to get up in the morning, adjust the thermostat and take a shower. Then, I like to get ready for […]

Recommended local HVAC company to neighbor

It’s just so different for me being a homeowner and living in a neighborhood. It’s so much more than the Brady Bunch image I’ve had in my head much of my adult life. I grew up inside apartment highrises inside the city. We’re talking big buildings with boilers in the basement the size of a […]

Electric fireplaces are the best

I just bought my very first electric fireplace and I have to tell you that these things are the best. Sure it cost me a few grand of an investment, but it was well worth it. Because electric fireplaces are like super large space heaters and can heat your living room real nice and fast. […]

Today’s HVAC systems are where its at

I want to tell you that I am super impressed with today’s central heating and air conditioning systems. They are so much better than the central heating and air conditioning systems of even 10 years ago. Heating and cooling technology has changed so much and has brought so much to the table. Radiant heated floors […]

I never had an HVAC unit this powerful

I recently bought a brand new central heating and air conditioning system unit. And let me tell you that this central heating and air conditioning system that I bought is like no other. It is the most powerful central heating and air conditioning system I have ever experienced in my whole entire life! I am […]

Old space heaters were large

Not to mention the portable space heaters of today are way more powerful than the portable space heaters of yesterday I was thinking the other day about the old portable space heaters and the new today’s portable space heaters. And I have to say that the old portable space heaters were really big! They were […]

Separate HVAC for new space

Waking up in our new bedroom is almost like being on vacation. We have a coffee pot right in our new space that we set every night. So I wake to the smell of freshly brewed java and sunshine streaming through the new window of our bedroom. And without getting out of bed, I can […]

Simplifying comes with new residential HVAC

The divorce was not what I was expecting. I knew that my wife and I were transitioning to a new chapter in life now that the kids were off to college. But I really didn’t think that it would be the end of our marriage. Yet, that’s just how it went. We tried a separation […]

Counting on residential HVAC for humidity control

I honestly don’t mind the heat during the Summer. The older I get, the less the heat bothers me. I’m not sure just exactly why that is but that seems to be the case. But it’s not like I’m disconnecting the heat pump either. It’s now May which is essentially the last call for great […]