Author: Paul B.

Prepare the air conditioning plans for summertime

Every time, the air conditioning supplier sent a different cooling specialist The first time I saw Ben, I had gone to his beach house to replace the malfunctioned heating pump. Ben lived alone and worked as a financial analyst for a Wall street business. Ben smelled so amazing, and he was so kind as well. […]

We needed an air conditioning tune-up

My job title is a quality analyst in the most prominent food factory in town. I like our job and look forward to going to my job in the afternoons. Overseeing the quality of our products is our utmost concern, but I am also not totally oblivious of how such quality is achieved. It has […]

Finding a fun treasure hunt clue

My wifey Jenny is actually playful, and this is one of the qualities I like about her. Jenny is a fun chick and will turn things into games and cute competitions to make light of the situation. Jenny recently began this treasure hunt game that I guess is leading up to a treasure of some […]

The beachside house block needed a current HVAC

When I hit twenty-more than four, I began considering buying assets that could provide myself and others passive income. I spoke to multiple financial experts, and they advised me about different kinds of value-adding assets, but the decision would ultimately be mine. I decided to buy a beach apartment block and rent the units out. […]

I need to make an air conditioning manual

Every one of us headed to a customer’s beachside home one day to do some air conditioning repairs. I had a team of four skilled cooling specialists with me… 1 of them was a novice in training, while the rest had experience entirely working on cooling equipment. The client had called the air conditioning supply […]

Teaching air conditioning basics to the students

Since I started lecturing more about the basics of air conditioning, this would be our fourteenth talk. I have worked with the industry for some time now and like interacting with cooling products. The cooling technology and its constant evolution is a drive of mine in this industry. I am an entrepreneur, and have built […]

The Interview for the air conditioning expert position

I heard a lot of wonderful things about the air conditioning supplier I was applying to. This was a place that had trained and qualified multiple cooling experts, then it had a reputation among homeowners for offering quality and efficient services. I applied for the open air conditioning expert position at this business! As I […]

Taking enjoyable care of my body

I don’t understand people who don’t take enjoyable care of their bodies. These same people change the oil in their car, replace the filter in the oil furnace as well as always drain the water heater. They take care of their possessions that can entirely be replaced. Our muscles, joints, bones, skin as well as […]