Author: Paul B.

The electric heat pump sealed the deal on our new home

The house was a dream; big and spacious rooms that combine traditional and contemporary styles. The curb appeal was nothing short of stunning. I fell in love with the house instantly. My daughters fell in love with it when they discovered that both their bedrooms had balconies. One look at the workshop and my husband […]

Shopping for a new HVAC system twice that year

I was back to the drawing board a second time that year. At the beginning of the year, I had done extensive research on the type of HVAC system I wanted. The one I that was there had undergone numerous a/c repairs. When the air conditioning technician told me it was time to get new […]

A twelve-years-old cooling expert assistant

I was holding a slumber party for my daughter and her friends. The day before the party, my daughter Zaire told me that she would wear her new pajama set, and since it was not as warm as the others, she wanted to know how we would keep the house warm enough for her friends […]

Inspecting my florist's HVAC system

The air conditioning technician came a little under an hour later and inspected the a/c setup I love the idea of always having a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house, so I always pass by my favorite flower show twice or once a week. The florist has become a good friend of mine and […]

Our new a/c setup

The long-awaited day was finally here. The air conditioning professional and crew were gearing up for the a/c setup. It was the last step to getting the house move-in ready. The climate control system was ductless, and we could not wait to try it out. The installation would also be easy since there was existing […]

Choosing your HVAC system

Any air conditioning professional will advocate for maintenance every year or twice a year on your a/c setup, not to get money from customers but to ensure that your system will work at its best all year round, even in extreme weather. Deciding on the type of HVAC system to install in your home is […]

Taking charge of the a/c set up before the wedding

My roommate was getting married in two weeks, and they were going to have the ceremony at a hall my brother-in-law owns. It was my prerogative to have the hall prepared before the day of the wedding. We were expecting around 100 people; family and close friends. I needed to ensure the place was clean […]