Author: Paul B.

I Just love being me!

Many people do not want to be around me. Which is understandable. I talk a lot about my job and what I do because I am proud of my job. I am an independent heating and air conditioning specialist and heating and cooling is my path in life! I really have no other interests outside […]

2 HVAC squads Teaming up

I heard a very deranged thing the other day that I never thought would even happen. I heard that the 2 biggest heating and air conditioning companies in my local space who for years have been hard-core competing with one another have decided to join forces and become a single major heating and cooling entity! […]

Preparing the car for a long commute

I have an actually long drive to and from my job every single day of the week. Because of this I am constantly getting extra things done on my vehicle to prepare it. The main thing that I am constantly on top of is the car’s central heating and air conditioning. A great Heating and […]

Arriving at the right time for the job

I really appreciate it when my HVAC service worker is on time. My independent heating and air conditioning worker, named Bob, constantly arrives on time and does the job right, however usually my heating and air conditioning worker arrives around 15 to 20 minutes early constantly. Never is Bob late. This is the sign of […]

Super happy with the HVAC tech

I can not say enough nice things about Pat, my independent heating and air conditioning pro. They are constantly there when I need them to be. They constantly do the most quality heating and cooling job no matter what the job is, and Pat is also so friendly! All of this makes for quality heating […]

It really made things feel much better

But no, it is much more than just that! I see this now! I am so stoked that I know. I had never really noticed it before, but getting a heating and air conditioning plan tune up and check up can really make a central heating and cooling unit job much better. When I got […]

This was a horrible story

I learned from the internet about the local corporation building that burned down recently. It was really horrible that a propane boiler was the cause of it all! From what the news blog said, the local corporate building burned down because they had a propane boiler which exploded… It was Lucky that no 1 was […]

Don’t know much about these kinds of systems

I have been hearing about new furnaces each time I go to search for more information about heating and air conditioning. And I have to say that I know next to nothing about oil heaters. What exactly are oil heaters anyway? I know that they must run on oil. But are they portable oil oil […]

Need the annual service plan

I have decided that I really should buy a heating and air conditioning annual service plan for my home’s expensive heating and cooling system. There are a lot of bad weather in the mornings to come and in the random event that a single of those bad weather mornings does something to my expensive central […]

A job that took all day

This week at the heating and air conditioning spot where I work I had a job of having to install a heat pump in someone’s home. I had never before installed a heat pump and let me tell you that I was not ready for it to be an all-day-long job! Because this was my […]

The electric heaters cost a lot to use

I do not have electric heating in my home. And that includes central heating. The reason why is because running the electric heater makes my utility bills high. The only form of electric heater that you will ever see me use is a portable space heater. Otherwise, the only form of heater for me is […]