Author: Paul B.

My friend's big home uses ductless mini-split systems

I visited my college friend’s home last summer, and interestingly, they had a ductless mini-split system for their home’s air conditioning, and it worked perfectly. Such an HVAC installation only worked for small spaces, but they had made it work across all their five bedrooms. The air quality in the house was adequate and provided […]

Getting the furnace fixed in time for winter

I’m getting stressed out knowing that winter is soon approaching. One of the biggest factors is that my job goes into high gear during the winter season. We end up having to work overtime hours and I get even less time to spend with my family. It upsets me, my wife, and my children. It’s […]

I don't know how old my HVAC filter is

My mind is on anything but my home responsibilities and chores right now. I just lost my cousin who I grew up with and considered to be a second brother. We hung out together constantly in the years since we were both little kids. He was always a close friend and somebody enjoyed spending time […]

Good a/c in the car during the road trip

Taking road trips can be a lot of fun if you do it with the right people. Unfortunately, my main experience of road trips in my life has been my family. My parents took my siblings and I on road trips almost every summer in a cramped station wagon. It was not a fun experience […]

Working out more thanks to ductless heat pump

When we first moved into this house, I had so several big plans, but while I was able to get superb Heating and Air Conditioning unit put in as well as the big deck we typically wanted, our motivation suddenly waned. But my spouse plus I both spend lots of hours inside the commercial Heating […]

Working out more thanks to ductless heater

When my pal and I first moved into this house, I had so many big plans, however while I was able to get superb HVAC unit put in as well as the big deck my pal and I always wanted, our motivation hastily waned, however but my partner as well as I both spend lots […]

My a/c filters went lower in price

It’s not a big decrease plus it certainly does not bring them back to their original price, but it’s much better than what it used to be Virtually nothing out of my new rotation of products has gone down in price in the last year or so, practically everything has gone up in price plus […]