We are Very Pleased with Our New HVAC System

Maybe it was just a fan blowing over some ice or something like that.

We just shelled out a bunch of good money a couple of months ago on a new HVAC system and the thing is just incredible. We got our first electric bill and it is about 70% less than a year ago when we had our old system running in July, one of the hottest and most expensive energy months of the year. I think the new central air conditioner will pay for itself within two or three years with the savings of the power bills. It’s amazing how far they have come in the field and how much better it is for the environment with the cuts in the power usage. HVAC technology hasn’t been around that long in the big scheme of things but they have really made it much more efficient and reliable over those years. I need to google to see when air conditioning was invented and how it worked back then. Maybe it was just a fan blowing over some ice or something like that. I know that refrigerators basically used ice to keep the food cool so I can imagine that AC was probably similar in its technology back then. Now we have solar and geothermal powered units to heat up the house in the winter and they hardly use any energy at all. I still like making a good old fashioned fire in the fireplace in the winter to keep us warm but on days when I don’t feel like chopping wood I can just adjust the thermostat and let the HVAC system do the work.

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The electric heat pump sealed the deal on our new home

The house was a dream; big and spacious rooms that combine traditional and contemporary styles.

The curb appeal was nothing short of stunning. I fell in love with the house instantly. My daughters fell in love with it when they discovered that both their bedrooms had balconies. One look at the workshop and my husband wanted it. Before we closed the deal on the house, we called an air conditioning professional for them to come and check if the HVAC system was in excellent condition, as they claimed. We called a commercial air conditioning service provider since they also offered their services to residents. I would have hated to move into a house, and before I got used to the house, there was a problem with the electric heat pump. The person we talked to on the phone at the air conditioning company had informed us that an air conditioning technician would be at the house in an hour. That would give us enough time to look through the house again and review the paperwork again. The cooling expert arrived some minutes before noon and set off to inspect the a/c setup. After some time, he had a complete analysis. The unit was in good condition, and the previous owners must have been keen on a/c care. The only thing remaining was for us to have the AC filter replaced and set the temperature to our desired setting on the digital thermostat so we could enjoy the excellent air quality and indoor comfort. The ductwork was okay, and we had plans to buy a HEPA filter, not the washable one like the one they had. That plus annual quality a/c service and maintenance, we would never have a thing to complain about the HVAC unit.
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Shopping for a new HVAC system twice that year

I was back to the drawing board a second time that year. At the beginning of the year, I had done extensive research on the type of HVAC system I wanted. The one I that was there had undergone numerous a/c repairs. When the air conditioning technician told me it was time to get new equipment, I was not surprised. Sometime in September, my friend, who is also my neighbor, asked me to go with her to the air conditioning company to help her choose a new central HVAC. I bought a new AC filter because I had not changed it in a while. We talked to an air conditioning professional who advised us, and by the end of the session, my neighbor had a clear vision of what she wanted. She was even excited to get a digital thermostat, which she was never on board with because she did not see the need to get an intelligent regulator when the analog one was still working. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the commercial air conditioning business offered a variety of residential quality AC services. Since they were close to our home, I would be contacting them for any a/c repair and maintenance. They did an excellent job installing her electric heat pump. The cooling expert and his team were meticulous and skillful, so I had them do my a/c setup. He cleaned the ductwork thoroughly, and they recommended I use a HEPA filter. With proper care and servicing, my new unit would be working for a long time. I said goodbye to regular and costly repairs. The air quality was better than it had been.


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A twelve-years-old cooling expert assistant

I was holding a slumber party for my daughter and her friends. The day before the party, my daughter Zaire told me that she would wear her new pajama set, and since it was not as warm as the others, she wanted to know how we would keep the house warm enough for her friends and her. I assured her that everything would be okay. We had to reset the digital thermostat to her desired settings. This answer opened a new forum for questions about our HVAC system. I told her a simplified version of how our electric heat pump worked. The Q&A session reminded me that I needed to call the air conditioning company to deliver an AC filter. The a/c care was six months overdue, so I included quality AC service when I reached the air conditioning professional. The air conditioning technician arrived late afternoon when my daughter was getting home from school. Zaire was so excited that she followed the cooling expert to the unit. At first, I stopped her because I thought she would be more of a distraction to him, but he stopped me and told me to allow her to stick around. She was even more excited when he called her his assistant. The tech thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and lubricated the different parts of the a/c setup, including the ductwork. During dinner, Zaire spent the entire time telling her father about everything the tech did and everything he had told her about the HEPA filter. Zaire was anticipating his next visit so she could ask him about how to improve air quality and the commercial air conditioning system like the one they had at school.

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How I landed a job as an air conditioning technician

I took care of all the maintenance myself.

  • I remember a time when I was in a dark place mentally, I barely left the house for almost three months, but with the help of my parents and a friend, I crawled out of it.

I started with trying a few things with the HVAC to improve air quality and to keep me busy. I had created an a/c care program for my parents and our neighbor, who occasionally let me work on his HVAC system for a small fee. I checked the AC filter and found it needed replacement because it was filthy. I recommended a HEPA filter because one of them had a dust allergy. When I moved back home, I used some of my time to learn about commercial air conditioning, and I found it easy to understand things such as repairs and anything to do with a digital thermostat. I did not explore it further. I used this knowledge to work on my parents’ a/c setup. At some point, I had to call an air conditioning technician for ductwork cleaning because I did not have the tools for it. The cooling expert was impressed by the repair I had done and asked if I had ever worked in an air conditioning company. I told him I had never worked for one and had gathered the knowledge online because I had a lot of time. From how the air conditioning professional worked on the electric heat pump, I could tell he offered nothing short of quality AC service. The best thing that came out of it was that the tech showed me a slot as an apprentice, which would not be more than two months since I had an eye for it, and then after, they would offer me a job.

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Hearing about regular quality AC service for the first time

Regular quality AC service was not something I was anticipating when I bought an electric heat pump from the local air conditioning company. I was head over heels for the HVAC system that I overlooked anything that looked like a con. It was the type of a/c setup that I had always wanted. The air conditioning professional had come to deliver a HEPA filter and fix the digital thermostat. It turned out that the temperature control unit was okay. It was the HVAC that needed maintenance. I felt cheated. After the equipment installation, I could enjoy good air quality and indoor comfort with little or no effort from myself. I called a friend who is a cooling expert but works with commercial air conditioning systems and asked if the whole thing about regular maintenance was necessary or if it was just a way of getting money from homeowners. The first thing he did was laugh at me and then went on to tell me that just like everything else, the unit needs regular maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently. I was even surprised that even the ductwork needs cleaning, and here I thought they would always be clean since the is an AC filter. I then resigned to my fate of having to schedule a service schedule with the air conditioning technician, not just for the unit but also for the digital thermostat. From then on, I took it upon myself to learn more about a/c since it was an entirely new concept. I feel embarrassed when I remember my reaction when the tech told me about regular ac care, and to think it was a minor embarrassing thing that happened to me when it came to culture shock.


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Inspecting my florist's HVAC system

The air conditioning technician came a little under an hour later and inspected the a/c setup

I love the idea of always having a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house, so I always pass by my favorite flower show twice or once a week. The florist has become a good friend of mine and always has different flower combinations for me on my pick-up days. I used to pick out the flowers myself until the day I had the flu, and I asked her to deliver anything she thought I would like. Last month when I was busy admiring some orchids in her shop when I heard her assistant tell her that the electric heat pump was having issues again. Being an air conditioning professional dealing with commercial air conditioning, I asked to see the HVAC system. When I saw it, I realized it was a ductless heat pump. I did not have my tools, but I had some probable causes of the unit’s issues. The digital thermostat was okay, and so was the AC filter, which appeared new. Seeing that I was on leave, I asked the florist if I could call a fellow cooling expert who is a colleague at the air conditioning company to assist them. When she agreed, I called the technician. Before he arrived, I gave them a few pointers on a/c care and the importance of quality AC service and maintenance since they admitted to having done it once in the past three years. The florist asked me about the advantages of having a HEPA filter in her home compared to the regular ones. The air conditioning technician came a little under an hour later and inspected the a/c setup. The ductwork was okay, although it needed cleaning to improve the air quality.

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Our new a/c setup

The long-awaited day was finally here.

The air conditioning professional and crew were gearing up for the a/c setup.

It was the last step to getting the house move-in ready. The climate control system was ductless, and we could not wait to try it out. The installation would also be easy since there was existing ductwork. It was almost time to verify all talk about a ductless HVAC system. The ductless system seemed more advantageous than a central air conditioner such as an electric heat pump. It was also the first time in my life that I would be dealing with a digital thermostat. The technicians from the air conditioning company had given me a run-down on how to operate one, but I was yet to do it practically. We had gone with a beautiful shade of gray for the walls and incorporated white. The bedrooms were more versatile since everyone seemed to have a different taste, and it was the one place where each person made their choice. With proper a/c care and regular replacement of the a/c filter, we would barely need to call the commercial air conditioning provider for a/c repair. Annual quality a/c service for the a/c setup would save us from avoidable breakdowns and ensure that the system will serve us for many years. The air conditioning technician finished the whole process and then cleaned up the mess, and by the time we got into the house, it was heavenly. The indoor comfort and even the air quality had changed. Next, we replaced the filter; we had the cooling expert deliver a HEPA filter.

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Choosing your HVAC system

Any air conditioning professional will advocate for maintenance every year or twice a year on your a/c setup, not to get money from customers but to ensure that your system will work at its best all year round, even in extreme weather.

Deciding on the type of HVAC system to install in your home is a significant decision that requires considering many things. Consulting an air conditioning technician is vital, especially when deciding on equipment size. The other dilemma arises when figuring out which residential or commercial air conditioning company to contract. After consulting an air conditioning company, you might decide to go with heated floors compared to other traditional home heating forms that require ductwork. One energy-saving tip is that using this type of system to warm your home in a zoned system coupled with a digital thermostat will reduce your electricity bill. A cooling expert may suggest having an electric heat pump to power the system. Any air conditioning professional will advocate for maintenance every year or twice a year on your a/c setup, not to get money from customers but to ensure that your system will work at its best all year round, even in extreme weather. This kind of quality AC service will save you on expensive repairs in the future, maintain good air quality, and help your system live out its entire lifespan, if not more. As a homeowner, you can easily do other things, such as replacing the AC filter, which comes in different varieties, such as the HEPA filter. This system will allow for more interior decor ideas since indoor units are on the wall or any part of the room that may interfere with the design vision. It will also ensure that the room does not have cold spots where heat does not reach since the room or space is heated uniformly from the ground up.

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Offering quality AC service to the minister twice in one week

The air conditioning professional who went there replaced the temperature control system with a digital thermostat, cleaned the ductwork and replaced the AC filter.

I was in the office one afternoon when I received a call from the minister’s home. The day had been busy during the morning hours, but things had slowed down by afternoon. I even had time to play a solitaire game while waiting for a caller. My colleague was telling me about the drama that went on during their extended family dinner last summer. Whenever he told me they were having one of those dinners, I knew something wild would happen. It was something I looked forward to during the moments in the office when we were not busy. It was the second time that week that our air conditioning company received a call from the minister. It was his house manager. She explained how the air quality in their home had deteriorated over time. After the housekeeper explained some of her observations about the electric heat pump, I assured her that a cooling expert would be there in two hours. The other call we had received earlier that week from the minister was about the a/c set up at the church. The air conditioning professional who went there replaced the temperature control system with a digital thermostat, cleaned the ductwork and replaced the AC filter. The minister trusted our commercial air conditioning business to offer quality AC service. He even recommended us to members of his church when they commented on the church’s HVAC system. The air conditioning technician arrived at the house half an hour earlier with the HEPA filter they had ordered and proceeded to service the system. It improved their indoor comfort.


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Taking charge of the a/c set up before the wedding

My roommate was getting married in two weeks, and they were going to have the ceremony at a hall my brother-in-law owns.

It was my prerogative to have the hall prepared before the day of the wedding.

We were expecting around 100 people; family and close friends. I needed to ensure the place was clean for the interior designers and the electric heat pump was working perfectly. I contacted a commercial air conditioning service provider to that effect. A cooling expert inspected the a/c setup to ensure it would be effective and efficient on the wedding day. The air conditioning professional discovered that the HVAC system needed upgraded components to work more efficiently. The air conditioning technician worked on the unit and fine-tuned the digital thermostat. The tech also changed the AC filter and replaced it with a HEPA filter. The other thing was inspecting the ductwork, where he discovered a leak which he sealed. As the air conditioning company technicians worked to ensure that the unit was functioning efficiently, the interior decorators provided that the place looked beautiful. After the world-class AC service, the indoor air quality improved and was at its best. Everything was coming together in the hall. Everything was apart from me when the wedding day rolled in. My hair was messy, and the heel of one of my shoes was loose. It took me fifteen minutes to get my hair and make-up done. As for the shoes, I had to go for a red pair of heels which would clash with the green maids’ dresses, but luckily the dress was so long, and the shoes would barely be visible.

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