Author: Paul B.

Recommended local HVAC company to neighbor

It’s just so different for me being a homeowner and living in a neighborhood. It’s so much more than the Brady Bunch image I’ve had in my head much of my adult life. I grew up inside apartment highrises inside the city. We’re talking big buildings with boilers in the basement the size of a […]

I just wanted to make the air conditioner nice

I was working hard in the garden when I decided to inspect the air conditioner. It lost its luster and was dented where branches had fallen over the winter. I felt the same way about it as I do about my garden, it needed some TLC. After finishing up in the garden, I came inside […]

There was a snake by the boiler

I confirmed that the boiler was finished when he asked One thing I cannot tolerate is being near a snake. I don’t mind it so much as long as it doesn’t block my path when I’m on foot. I don’t want to be trapped in a room with one, and I especially don’t want one […]

Electric fireplaces are the best

I just bought my very first electric fireplace and I have to tell you that these things are the best. Sure it cost me a few grand of an investment, but it was well worth it. Because electric fireplaces are like super large space heaters and can heat your living room real nice and fast. […]