Author: Paul B.

Renovating the one-car garage

It’s not very big, but it generates so much heating that the entire room feels nice and cozy within a few minutes I have never been particularly handy, so I don’t know what made me believe I could convert my one-car garage into a spare bedroom. I think it was just being stir crazy from […]

It generates lots of heating for this space

We’ve never been good with tools and building stuff, so we still don’t know what made us assume we could convert my 2-car garage into a home office. We think it was just being tired from the COVID lockdown, which was in full effect at that time. We were indoors for months and needed something […]

I lost control of the thermostat

My smart climate control component had some extreme troubles lately. But the worst issue was when it lost control then started turning on by itself plus making our apartment so hot I had to leave plus go to a nearby hotel for the night! The smart climate control component flipped on the heating at a […]

I sense Bigger things coming

I just got word last week that I was getting a promotion at our job. I have a job as a heating plus a/c specialist for a local heating plus cooling company here in the area. I have been finally working as one of their top certified plus most helpful heating plus a/c specialists for […]

Never do AC work yourself

Some folks think they can fix their central heating plus a/cs on their own without having to contact a heater plus a/c specialist. This is wrong! With the internet these afternoons, there are many kinds of lies out there plus even the videos that claim you can fix your own central heating plus a/c plan […]

I tried the new air filters plus liked them

I heard a lot about washable air filters for your central heating plus a/c plan for the longest time. I finally decided I should go buy 1 to supply them a try. And I have to say that all the hype about them that I heard was for real! The washable air filters used for […]

It was My first day on the job

I think I am going to have a long career in the heating plus a/c business I just finished heating plus a/c school then I got a job finally working for one of our local heating plus a/c companies in the area. Today was our 1st day on the new job. It was rather stressful […]

My dream was to become and HVAC tech

My dream since I was just a teenager was to be a certified heating plus a/c specialist just like Grandpa was in his time; So when I finally graduated from middle school instead of going to college I signed up for night courses at the local trade school to become a heat plus a/c specialist […]