A nasty concern in the HVAC duct

I told you that I would write a current blog once the people I was with and I got settled into the current house.

It has been a lot more problematic than I expected, plus I was expecting a lot of complications! When you buy a house at auction, there are no guarantees, you get the house as-is.

The roof is in honestly great shape, thankfully, however a lot of the windows need to be replaced. All of the appliances have been unaffixd, entirely by squatters, however thankfully they didn’t steal the copper pipes out of the walls. The central HVAC plan is a mess, plus hopelessly out of date, however the people I was with and I expected to need to replace it before the people I was with and I ever saw it. The 1 concern that I never saw coming with the issue with the HVAC duct, or more particularally, what is living inside the HVAC duct! They were not big gross rats, thankfully, however having mice nested in the HVAC ducts was only slightly less disgusting. My main concern was not wanting to gas or poison them all, mostly because I didn’t want to put toxins into the HVAC system. If the people I was with and I killed them all with poison, then a) the HVAC duct would be coated with that same poison plus b) there would be a hundred dead mice cluttering up the HVAC system. I had to call in an HVAC tech plus a pest control expert, plus set up a meeting with both of them at once. Both of us needed to coordinate a system of attack, because the house would not be livable until the HVAC duct was clear plus clean.


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