A practical joke with our air conditioning units

My buddy Greg and I have a little running joke every one of us share between us, and it started years ago when every one of us were out drinking together, however greg excused himself to go to the bathroom, but snuck outside and moved our car around the block. I was convinced it had been stolen, and Greg lost his mind laughing at me! After that I struck back by stealing the cable from his dining room when he was at class, both of us constantly supply the stuff back, every one of us aren’t stealing to keep these things, just to mess with the other guy. I was particularly impressed recently when Greg managed to steal all the air conditioning units from our house! I don’t have central a/c, I use a series of small window mounted units in numerous odd rooms of our house, and a window mounted AC component is strong enough to cool off a single room, so I have them in the kitchen, the kitchen, and both dining rooms… When I got back from a workout at the gym, I saw that all numerous of the air conditioning units were gone, and I was impressed at the dedication to our joke! Have you ever tried lifting a single of these air conditioning units before? They may look small, but they are dense, and the Heating and Air Conditioning components inside make it ridiculously heavy. It turns out Greg recruited a couple other friends, so they could dismount the air conditioning units and hide them upstairs in the attic. I had to bribe these same men with free beers to get them to bring the a/c units back down and help me install them again.


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