A specialty HVAC task

When I first moved to the south it was a calculated risk.

I had only visited this area once before, on a long Summer getaway when I was a kid, and my memories of that getaway are still quite vivid, plus not in a great way.

At the time I thought that my parents had driven us into Hell itself, because that is how hot plus uncomfortable it was to be outside. At the time I vowed never to return, however twenty years later it seemed love a wonderful idea, for a honestly weird reason. A locale this hot plus humid demands a constant supply of a/c, plus thus it is the land of chance for a certified HVAC tech; Currently I labor for a specialty catering business, plus it might seem unusual that an HVAC tech works for a catering supplier, right? This supplier does high-end outdoor events that are hosted inside of air conditioned tents; Their clients want to be in the beauty of nature, however not the heat or humidity, so they have large, lavish tents rigged up with dozens of air vents affixed to a cooling unit. The air vents are all bendy plus able to be moved, rearranged, plus then taken down when the event finishes. The whole set-up is 100% portable, plus as the HVAC tech it is my sole duty to keep this plan running at peak efficiency. It is a full time task, plus I take it honestly seriously because they would lose all of their bookings without the a/c, plus they pay myself and others honestly well.

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