Aiming for lower energy costs in my home

I was impressed by the different types of HVAC systems when I went to a local HVAC supplier.

They were having sales on different items.

I was interested in the ductless mini split air conditioner. I was using window AC units in my home during the summer months, and it was always such a hassle having to move them around all the time. With the ductless mini split air conditioners, I would be able to have indoor units installed wherever I wanted without having to move them around. They don’t only provide cooling either, they provide extra heating in the cold season. So I went for this installation and I certainly do not regret it! I love the washable filters and how they are easy to clean every month. The best thing is that this cooling system is extremely energy efficient. Honestly, there is hardly a dent in the energy bills from using this HVAC system. It provides the ideal amount of cooling too and it seems effortless for this system even on the hottest days! You would think we’d see a huge spike in the energy bills during a heatwave, but when we experienced a heatwave, we kept cozy inside and there was not much of a spike at all! I’m thinking in the future, I might go for a more advanced ductless multi split system that covers the whole house including the basement and garage. I wouldn’t even need to rely much on the boiler system any longer after that and having lower heating costs would be nice.

Air conditioning expert