Broken A/C in the Air BnB

Normally, running an AirBnB is a nice job.

I have found that the vast majority of guests are very considerate, and take good care of my cabin when they rent it.

There are always a few bad apples, but I don’t let that spoil my opinion of people in general. The truth is, if you are renting out a place, sooner or later you will rent to someone who is shady, or just thoughtless, and doesn’t treat your rental with respect. I am currently in the midst of cleaning up after one such guest, who not only trashed the place but broke the central HVAC system as well. Since I have a few such places, I have several repair specialists that I work with on a regular basis. Tom is my regular HVAC guy, and we have worked together long enough to form a friendship. It is so important for a property owner to have an HVAC contractor that they trust, because these systems can get quite expensive. This time around Tom had no good news for me, and the HVAC system was so badly damaged it would need to be replaced completely. He gave me a cost estimate that was staggeringly high, even with my “friends and family” discount with his HVAC company. I had a credit card on file for the renter, so I attempted to charge him for the full cost of the HVAC replacement, but it was declined. This jerk doesn’t have enough money to pay for my new HVAC system, so I may have to take him to court.


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