Ended up with a better class

My spouse and I started going to a weekly yoga class.

My class was held every Monday from 7 until 8 pm.

We had plenty of time to go home after work, switch clothes, and shower, before both of us decided to go to class. The teacher had to change the time of the yoga class and my spouse and I were unable to attend the same class. We had to switch to a new yoga class. There was only 1 other night time yoga class that we could do. The class was half-filled, and there was space for my spouse and I to attend. The first time both of us decided to go to the classroom, I was very surprised by the yoga teacher… She was much younger than I expected. The grown woman looked like she was 16 years old. The girl gave us some of her background and both of us found out that she was a gymnast. She competed for a spot on the Olympic team when she was 15 years old. She was small in stature, even though she guaranteed that she was in better mental and physical condition than all the people! After both of us started the class, it was very certain that the yoga teacher was well seasoned and skilled. She also had a bubbly personality. The class was fun and interactive while still being relaxing and meditative. The hour-long class flew by very suddenly and my spouse and I felt sad when the class was over. We felt refreshed and relaxed with lots of energy. It genuinely might be nice to find the same class early in the afternoon, before my spouse and I go to work. Every one of us felt so nice when both of us were done. It was tough to go to sleep a few minutes later.

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