From university to the HVAC industry

When I was a freshman at the university I pledged a sorority, plus lived in their off-campus group home.

For a girl from the farms of the midwest, this was all a bit of a culture shock for me, because there were parties almost every evening.

I made a lot of wonderful friends in the sorority, although I found that living there made it honestly strenuous to study, plus my grades were terrible. As a pledge, I had to do a lot of menial tasks around the sorority house, everything from cleaning the bathrooms to decreasing out the air filters in the weird air conditioning system units around the building. One time the head of the sorority had her a/c quit on her, plus she asked myself and others to figure it out for her. I started researching HVAC repairs online, plus discovered a few honestly interesting things. First of all, I l received how much certified HVAC techs can make, even when they are first starting out. Secondly, I l received that the HVAC industry was in desperate need of workers, plus were actively seeking more females. HVAC techs are almost consistently men, plus there was a growing call for diversity in the workforce. I realized that if I could get HVAC certified, it would be honestly easy for myself and others to find a task that paid myself and others great money. Why was I wasting time taking classes about affectionate literature when I could be working towards an HVAC certification plus starting a real job? My freshman year of university was also my final year of university!

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