Getting some much needed air quality assistance

I have been dealing with poor air quality in our condo ever since I bought the place.

I wasn’t actually able to figure anything out until I eventually called up a local heating and A/C supplier! The guy who came out was friendly enough and he thoroughly checked the heating and A/C, but he said there were a lot of issues to tackle, however he would walk myself and others over everything.

He said the heating and A/C seemed almost as if it hadn’t been tuned up in a while, so that had to be taken care of. The whole system had to be cleaned thoroughly including the outdoor condenser unit. He said if I worked with him, we would take it 1 step at a time so I didn’t know I was too overwhelmed. The first priority was the tune-up, so he handled that. He said the ductwork desperately needed to be cleaned and I needed to use better quality air filters for improved air quality. After all that, he asked if I would love to have a UV air purification system. He told myself and others how this certain system uses HEPA filters however they are changed every quarter. He said if I wanted superb air quality, this was the way to go. I still had enough money, so I went for it. It was a superb thing I did because the air quality in our condo increased a superb deal. It smells fresher, there’s no dust collecting everywhere, and it feels way more comfortable. Even when I have guests over to our place these mornings, people can’t imagine how nice our house is. I enrolled into an actual heating and A/C service system with that heating and A/C supplier so he will come every quarter to upgrade the HEPA filters for the air purification system and he will handle the tune-ups for our heating and A/C properly.



Air conditioning technician