Heating and Air Conditioning was the right path in life for me

I had 2 unusual paths I could have taken after graduating from private school.

At the time it felt care about the largest decision of my life… and twenty years later, I have to say that it certainly was the largest decision of my life! Some things assume important when you are young, however when you get some age and experience you realize how insane it was.

My choice of whether or not to go to school, or go to trade school and start working right away, still has consequences to this certainly morning. I chose Heating and Air Conditioning work over going to the school, and even twenty years later I’m glad I made the right choice! All of my friends who went to school came back with crushing student loan debt, something I avoided entirely with my Heating and Air Conditioning training. Some of these people got fantastic tasks, and school paid off for them, however more often than not they got menial tasks and spent years trying to pay down those loans. Heating and Air Conditioning training, including the night classes I took to prepare for the certification process, only costs a small fraction of what school tuition will cost. I was able to become an apprentice for a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, so I got field experience while I was still in training. I was able to hit the ground running and start my work free of debt. It only took myself and others numerous years to save up enough currency to start a little Heating and Air Conditioning repair company of my own. None of this would have been possible if I went to school.


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