I had terrible air quality before I employed the services of a local contractor

I have been dealing with terrible air quality in my home ever since I purchased the place.

I wasn’t able to figure anything out until I eventually called up a local HVAC contractor.

The guy who came out was friendly enough and he thoroughly checked the HVAC. He said there were a lot of issues to tackle but he would walk me over everything. He said the HVAC seemed like it hadn’t been tuned up in a while, so that had to be taken care of. The whole system had to be cleaned thoroughly including the outdoor condenser unit. He said if I worked with him, we would take it one step at a time so I didn’t feel too overwhelmed. The first priority was the tune-up, so he handled that. He said the ductwork desperately needed to be cleaned and I needed to use better quality air filters for improved air quality. After all that, he asked if I would like to have a UV air purification system. He told me how this particular system uses HEPA filters but they are changed every quarter. He said if I wanted great air quality, this was the way to go. I still had enough money, so I went for it. It was a good thing I did because the air quality in my home increased a great deal. It smells fresher, there’s no dust collecting everywhere, and it feels way more comfortable. Even when I have guests over to my place these days, people can’t believe how nice my house is. I enrolled into an HVAC service plan with that HVAC contractor so he will come every quarter to replace the HEPA filters for the air purification system and he will handle the tune-ups for my HVAC regularly.



HVAC service plan