I like lifting weights

I especially enjoy lifting weights. My daily workouts include a mix of exercises to target all of the different muscles. I attempt to burn a lot of calories, increase flexibility, improve stamina and maintain a healthy weight. I hope to tone rather than build bulky muscles. I am a 56-year-old woman. I am just over five-feet tall. By exercising for an hour every day, eating right and taking very good care of myself, I keep my body fit and healthy. I need to limit the amount of weight I lift and how often I focus on strength training. I really like the burn in my muscles when I workout with heavy weights. It is way too easy for me to build large, masculine-looking muscles. Because of this, I never lift anything more than eight-pound hand weights. I stick with low weights and high repetitions. I often utilize resistance bands and my own body weight. I include lots of plank holds, push-ups and leg lifts in my training sessions. I only use hand weights or kettlebells three or four times per week. The majority of my workouts are focused on cardio training. I have a mini trampoline that’s great for elevating heart rate without a great deal of stress on the joints. I might ride the stationary bike or go for an actual bike ride outside. Running, jumping rope and swimming are great for getting my heart pumping. However, I always look forward to the days when I can lift. I work biceps, triceps and target the muscles in my shoulders, back and chest.

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