I should have bought the zone control sooner

I entirely wish I had known about the remarkable technology that is Heating, Ventilation plus A/C zone control much sooner.

When myself and others plus our roommate were having troubles with our heating plus air conditioner system temperatures, the only thing the two of us could do was to try plus negotiate with each other to find some usual ground.

It was easy to see that the two of us clearly had really odd temperature preferences, plus that was the cause of most of our troubles, then other than the temperature differences the two of us got along like brothers. Our heating plus cooling system worked perfectly, it was the people that were the problem. At 1 point our roommate had the furnace set at 85 degrees, I couldn’t take the heat any more plus so I turned off the furnace plus instead turned on the a/c to a nice 71 degrees, then my roommate was exasperated with myself and others for going behind his back plus changing the temperature plus an argument started. I had enough of all of this fighting over a crazy central air conditioner system, plus so in the middle of the fight I stormed off. I had enough plus I left. I didn’t suppose where I was going, but I knew I couldn’t stay there. I ended up staying at a friend’s cabin for the evening. The following day our roommate called myself and others plus the two of us both apologized plus made up, the two of us both agreed it was a stupid fight plus he pitched the system of buying a zone controlled Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system from 1 of the local heating plus air conditioner system providers. I agreed plus the rest is history! Now the two of us are both cheerful with our own temperatures.

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