My grandfather loves the portable heater I bought for him

When I went to the store the other day, I was looking for a space heater for sale.

  • The reason was because my grandfather was coming to visit and I knew how he enjoyed being nice and toasty.

I wasn’t going to crank up the central heating system for his sake though. I didn’t want to pay for overpriced energy bills, I just wanted him to be cozy in the guest bedroom. Of course, he would be able to take the space heater around with him wherever he was hanging out and it would provide him with direct warmth. I wanted something with good safety features like auto shutoff if the unit is knocked over and a unit that would not easily catch something on fire if it was too close. I ended up finding a few space heaters that were on sale for a cheaper price. One actually had an auto shut off if the airflow was blocked for safety. That one was a little more expensive. The other one that was on sale had a cool remote that made it easy to adjust the temperature control settings. I had to admit, it was a difficult choice to make whether to go for the better safety feature or the convenience of remote control. I knew that my grandfather would prefer the remote so I ended up going for that. I knew he would be responsible about using the thing. He would make sure not to keep the portable heater too close to anything flammable like a blanket. He was delighted when he finally arrived and saw that I got him a portable heater with a remote. He has been using it all the time!

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