My stink reduction filters are shedding charcoal crystals into my undefined system

I dislike it when I find a great product that gets changed by its manufacturer just to save on production costs. Laundry detergent companies are notorious for doing this, in addition to shorting on their amounts to save a few pennies here plus there. Cheap laundry detergent isn’t the same unless you buy the right brand, but these are often out of stock when I get to the grocery store. I don’t love going from 1 batch that stinks charming to 1 with a peculiar chemical stink a month or 2 later. The disruption in global supply chains is likely to have repercussions generations into the future. Therefore, the rising cost of raw goods, materials, plus components that go into making other products will inevitably lead to complications. A corporation can either raise their prices across the board, or seek a cheaper manufacturing process. Sadly, this was the decision that my filter brand took with their once-great stink reduction filters. They were the first corporation to start spraying 1 of their allergen filter chances with a layer of activated charcoal crystals. The amazing thing about the charcoal is that it doesn’t simply absorb stinks, but also toxins released from mold spores if you have them getting in from outdoors, unfortunately, my once beenjoyed charcoal filters are being made poorly plus are shedding crystals into my Heating and Air Conditioning air handler. These small, black charcoal crystals can lead to injure in the evaporator coil plus fan motor. I took my filter back to the store instantly plus got a refund to buy a normal allergen filter.


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