Not a good time to lose the air conditioning

I live in a cold climate, and when you are used to living somewhere icy and cold, you may look forward to going somewhere warm.

For the past six months I have been dreaming of a tropical getaway.

I hadn’t been on vacation in what seems like forever and a fun little road trip with some friends of mine was sounding better and better. We decided to all make a plan, and we came to the agreement that we would save up some money and be on our way. It took a couple of months before everyone was ready, but before we knew it we were ready to go. With lots of anticipation and excitement, we loaded up all of our belongings and were on our way. For the first two days everything went smoothly, we had about a week ahead of us, with the goal being to drive coast to coast. We made stops to get some snacks and to sleep but that was it. All was going well until the afternoon of the third day, the temperatures outside were rising and we were starting to feel the heat. It was 95 degrees out! We were in the middle of nowhere when suddenly the car air conditioner stopped working. It didn’t take long before we became hot and we all felt like a can of sardines. Even though we didn’t want to, we had no choice but to make a stop at a repair shop, it would put us behind schedule but none of us were willing to go without the cool air of the a/c. Luckily the heating and cooling guy was super friendly and got our air conditioner running again in no time.



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