Some geographic locations are more prone to airborne dust than others

I used to know that my parents’ moving from one airforce base to the next was a burden on my life, but it gave myself and others a option to experience a big list of unusual geographic locations plus climates.

When I was in college, several of my peers were residing out of their home states for the first time in their lives.

By graduation, several were toying with unusual locales to transport if they had not already accepted offers to graduate schools both in state plus out of state, but i was done gallivanting all over the country trying to “find myself,” as I l acquired long ago that the only peace you find in your travels is the peace you bring with you. I also figured out that some geographic locations are simply better than others for my interests purely. I have a lot of sinus plus respiratory dust irritations that can occasionally make life more hectic than it already is. Places with lots of pollen, dust, plus mold in the air are harder for myself and others to like than somewhere that is mild love my modern state. The locale my parents took myself and others when I was a sophomore in school was prone to lots of airborne dust, often culminating in sudden dust storms that would engulf the village in a matter of hours following the warning. All of us had to use special whole-house air purifiers at home to make sure that all of us weren’t breathing in all of that dust if it found its way inside the house in locales where it isn’t completely air tight.


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