The gun in the air vent

It is always a crapshoot to buy a house at auction, especially when it comes to a police auction.

Thanks to seizure laws, the cops can impound anything that was purchased with drug money, and then once a year they auction off all the stuff and keep the money.

Police auctions often have jewelry, cars, boats, motorcycles, and furs, and once in a while they even sell houses or property. I bought an amazing beachside condo at a police auction, the former residence of a drug dealer, and let me tell you it came with a few surprises. First of all, I found a handgun in the air duct of the main bedroom. I was cleaning the air vent and saw something just inside the ductwork, so I took a closer look and found a gun! I pondered what to do, because it might be evidence of a crime, but on the other hand I didn’t want cops poking through my house and looking in my ductwork. I just don’t trust cops, even if I do love their auctions. Since the central HVAC system was in good shape and didn’t need to be repaired, I decided that for the time being I would leave well enough alone. I left the gun in the air vent, put the grate back over it, and just went about my business like it wasn’t there. In the future, maybe I will figure out what to do with the gun, but for now I don’t see the harm in letting it sit in the air vent for a few months, or maybe a few years.
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