The HVAC equipment was all messed up

I am not usually the kind of person to have problems with their heating and a/c system, and through all the years that I lived at my old home I never had any kind of issues.

  • However, all of the problems started when I decided to move to a different town.

I had wanted to move to a warmer climate for awhile, and so when I found a nice home in a neighborhood I liked, I jumped on it and purchased it. Up until that point I had never had any problems with my heating or air conditioning system, but that all changed when I moved into my new home. My new HVAC system is all kinds of messed up. Normally, what I would do is just continue to have my heating and a/c system serviced and upgraded by the local heating and cooling technicians, but my new HVAC unit needs far more work than that. I made an appointment with the nearby HVAC cooperation and when they sent out a repairman I was informed that there were many repairs needed and that it would be easier to just scrap it and get a new one and so that is what I did. Purchasing a brand new central heating and air conditioning system right after buying a house wasn’t on the list of things I wanted to do, it wasn’t cheap, but having good quality heating and a/c was important to me and so I did what was necessary to have a functional high quality HVAC unit.

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